Finer Than A Frog's Hair
A.K.C NP15987001

Newcomb's Valiant Jerry
A.K.C NM8227302

CH Vincent-Zullo's Just Jake
A.K.C NM62315101
K-Sand's Red Hot Salsa
A.K.C NM78181104
Russell's Fancy Ingrid
A.K.C NP00800003
Pettibones Russell Of Lyerly
A.K.C NM78618106
Fancy Pants Of Twelve Oaks
A.K.C NM76441801
Barefoot Cup Of Sugar
A.K.C NP15806201
CH Lyerly's Chief Nemisis
A.K.C NP06529501
CH Phenix's Fire Chief
A.K.C NM89190602
CH Showtime Hello Dolly
A.K.C NP02354303
Barkers Sweetmelodee Of Lyerly
A.K.C NP04159301
CH Showtime Moby Dick Of Lyerly
A.K.C NM90336203
Barkerscherry Jubileeoflyerly
A.K.C NP01138503