Our family was very impressed with what we saw today
at your kennel....a truly professional environment to breed dogs. Buying a purebred dog in a way that you
have it set up is the only way it should be done. We got to see the mamma and pappa and even the
grandma!!!....we saw alot of genes today. None of our friends have an English Bulldog so we are the first in
our crowd, and I'm sure our puppy which will turn out to be an awesome specimen, be the center of attention
for a while to come. We will gladly direct anyone who wants an English Bulldog your way!!!!!!And oh, if
anyone looking for a rotty also, we will also direct your way.
Lincoln Camphaug September 30/07

Hi Brent, we will be purchasing a pup from your kennel, looks from your web site you really love what you do, very clean and well kept. we're in no rush just looking for the right marking's and male, Marly is bubba's mom right? we love the color and the look of Bubba, also is Nacho on the previous pup page related to Bubba, is Rupert registered? seem to be similar to bubba's dad Jr.chances are good for fawn & white male. will Bubba be father to Ellie's or Brie's litters? Thanks Tony. sorry for so  many ? also we might be coming over from the island in the near future is it possible to visit your kennel.
Tony Dingsdale November 19/07

Just wanted to give you an update on little Ruby,  she has now been to 2 obedience classes and she is the star!!  She is soooo smart, when we are out everyone stops to say how beautiful she is and wants to know where we got her.  She is still quite the hand full right now, but sooooo funny.  We just love her. 
Thanks so much....Val, Steve & Ruby  November 26/07

Hi Brent, just thought I'd send you a quick note to let you know the vet
check went awesome. Cami is in top condition! Thank you for taking such good care of her! We are already thoroughly impressed! She is a very bright
little girl! She is already potty trained! She whines every time and this morning grabbed my finger and started pulling me to the door so she could go
outside! She is also a very strong personality! We will have our work cut out for us! She reminds us a lot of our "Taz" in a lot of ways! Thanks again
so much!
Gail Derksen December 29/07

"This was  posted on the Vancouver Bulldog meet up site"
Hi....we just got our puppy from Cramatte Kennels. The breeders name is Brent Edmunson
and our puppy is super healthy and happy. I would definitely recommend getting a puppy from
him. He's located out in Mission
posted December 8/2007

Hi Brent
Just wanted to say thanks for all your help with the puppy.  You made the whole process a great experience.  It's sure nice to meet a breeder who's in the business for the love of dogs.  We learned a lot from you about bulldogs, and I'm sure we will learn lots more.  We'll keep you posted on his progress and get in touch with you in a few weeks for shots if that's OK. 
By the way - did you tell us that you do obedience training? 
Thanks again
Judy & Jen
February 06 /08

I am so pleased with him in every way, his looks, growth, training, personality.  He just perfect! I can't go anywhere without being stopped by everyone that sees him.  I've sent along a few pics of him - 3 months. Anyway, since I had such a positive experience with you when adopting my 1st Bully...I thought I'd touch base with you & see if  we can arrange another addition to the family

thanks,  Brenda McDonald February 08/ 08

Hi there, June 27 /2008

My family and I check in with your website about 3 times a week. We love all the updates and seeing the new faces. We are very sorry to hear of Bubba's passing. We know that must be very difficult. He has lots of beautiful bullies out there....we've seen them. Anyways, take care and keep up the good work. You have a fabulous website and fabulous pups....both the bullies and rotties. (We have 1 of each our selves). Take care.....Karie in Langley

May 12/2009

Hello! my name is Chantal! I must say I love your site! I was wondering if or when Zena is going to have pups!!! your dogs are all beautiful... I want to get a rotty in the future. I have a boxer pup at the moment and wanted to wait a few months before adding to the family..

June 22/2009
 It is very refreshing to see a breeder that has the care and devotion as you have for your dog's & kennel
 Your web site is very nicely done and your dogs are stunning !!!!!!!!!
 I am looking for a Rotti female ( for companion not breeding )
Warm Regards  Maggie

November 11/2009
Hi, my name is Dionne Risler. My boyfriend and I have been looking for an English Bulldog for some time now and recently stumbled across your website. Your kennel looks absolutely fabulous and you have certainly impressed us and so we believe you are who we need to get our new "family member" from! We are very keen and serious about getting an English Bulldog and would really love to deal through you.
We look forward to hopefully hearing from you soon.
Kindest regards,

Brent: December.12,09

We went and visited your kennels yesterday.  You have beautiful, healthy dogs that are so friendly and sweet.  Your adult dogs are tremendous.
We put a deposit on the last available female and look forward to picking her up on the 15th.  I think Desi is a beautiful, friendly girl and if I could afford her I would take her home in a heartbeat.  Actually, I would take each and every one of them home if I could afford it, they are beautiful examples of the breed.
We have been looking for a British Bulldog for a long time and are thrilled that we have found your kennels.Look forward to meeting you next week.  Enjoy the rest of your holiday and have a safe trip home.

Kathleen Martin

Rottweiler sale 


Just thought I would send you a quick hello, we are so satisfied with our dog, he has become an incredible addition to our family, and he is an absolute joy to have around, he is almost 8 months now and he is as loving as ever. He is about 75lbs already, and he brims with power, it is really amazing!  Everyone in the house can handle him, the 14 yr old boys never tire of rolling around on the floor wrestling with him, and neither does he!
Anyways we wanted to send you an email and thank you so much we are very pleased. I will continue to send you pics as he matures, he really is quite handsome!


Hey Brent English Bulldog January30/2010 
I just thought that maybe you would like to see how Titus turned out. Heís just under a year and a half old in the photo. We just wanted to thank you for the great addition to the family and let you know that he has been such a joy and has been healthy since the day we picked him up, not a single issue. Everyone who meets him just loves him.
Again, thank you so much.

  Justin and Sarah Liban  

English Bulldog March 08/2010
Lola is doing great, almost a year old and about 49 pounds! She is the best dog ever and we get many compliments on how beautiful she is. We joined a bulldog meet up group here in Kelowna so she gets to interact with others like herself. So neat to see all the different shapes and sizes! Whenever we get a bigger house we will definitely be in contact with you again for another purchase.

 Thank you for raising amazing bulldogs! Ashley Quinn

May 25/2010

Just thought I would send you a quick email to let you know how very much we love our dog!  She is an amazing family dog with great instincts and a protective nature.  She is so much fun and so clever, it's crazy.  She knows how to use the auto windows in our trucks ( especially if we go through the drive through).  She also knows how to beep the horn if she thinks you are taking too long.  She is amazing!
Thanks again,
Tanis and Duane 

Rottweiler Sale April 23/2011

Hey Brent,
 Just wanted to give you a little update on Harley. She has been nothing but a pure joy to have as a dog and she is coming along quite nicely. She had her first training class today and did very well. She does really well around other dogs and people. Really likes to be around kids and that is so nice to see. All the trainers were very impressed with her so kudos to you! So she has her third round of shots coming up and I was wondering if you do those as well. I was also wondering when she has to get her Rabies shot. Anyways thanks for your time and thanks again for such a good pup :)

Brad Talkkari

English bulldog sale
Hi Brent, June 23/11
We really appreciate everything you did. You have such a clean respectable kennel. Travis's mom Marce is so looking forward to suki or clemie's litters. We will definitely keep in touch and send pictures.

Jennifer McNeil

English bulldog sale

I was just wondering if Gracie was going to be having any more litters in the future. I have attached the most recent picture of Tila!!! She has been the best purchase I have ever made Brent !! canít thank you enough for the joy she has given my family.

Justin Doyle

English bulldog sale

September 01/13
Alex and I wanted to let you know how Bailey (Emmaís Female #5) is progressing at ten weeks old: She is a wonderful puppy Ė and we felt you should hear this. Please know that the effort you put into her breeding over the last three or four months is well worth your time, given the exceptional quality of all your animals; particularly this one. In the 17 years I have owned English Bulldogs, none have ever been as beautiful, intelligent, or genteel as this puppy. As she grows, I hope you will allow us to continue this type of correspondence, if only to chronicle the life of, what I believe to be, a wonderful example of your hard work.

Ryan + Alexandria

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