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Welcome to Cramatte Kennels

Welcome to my website, I am a breeder of top quality C.K.C (Canadian Kennel Club) Registered English Bulldogs and Rottweilers. We offer English bulldogs in standard , rare and exotic colors. I am located near Vancouver, British Columbia , Canada . My goal is to maintain a very high standard by producing top quality Rottweilers and English Bulldogs, some which are Imported from countries such as Germany, Hungary and the United States. I strive for correct confirmation, excellent temperament, good bone substance, extraordinary heads and keeping the breed true to it's correct type. I've been a professional breeder / trainer of C.K.C / A.K.C Rottweilers and English bulldogs for over 35 years. We serve the whole lower mainland , cities such as Vancouver , Mission , Abbotsford , Surrey , Burnaby, and Langley. As well we serve Vancouver Island and northern B.C, cities such as Nanaimo , Victoria, Campbell River, Kelowna, Kamloops, Prince George and Fort St.John to name a few. Other areas we have shipped our superior Rottweiler and English bulldog puppies is all over Canada , provinces and or cities such as Alberta , Calgary, Edmonton , Saskatchewan , Manitoba , and Winnipeg to name a few. We look forward to doing business with you regardless of where you live. We ship our C.K.C (Canadian Kennel Club) registered Rottweiler puppies all over Canada , United States as well as other parts of the world. Flight nanny service is also available if needed. Thank you for your interest in my quality Rottweilers and English Bulldogs. Feel free to view my web site.


Call : 604 826 - 6878 or text 604 970 1587

New litter of rare colored English bulldog puppies were born October 24,2023. Please visit the  Pups For Sale link for more information and pictures.

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Call : 604 826 - 6878 or text 604 970 1587


Call : 604 826 - 6878 or text 604 970 1587

Outstanding German Rottweilers pups for sale in Vancouver, B.C Canada coming in the Summer of 2021. Some of the best rated European Rottweilers from champion working and show lines available. Please note that tail docking is banned in British Columbia Canada , European  F.C.I standards are now being strictly followed.
For more information on tail docking you can click

Cramatte Kennels proudly presents our new German Iine stud dog

* German line Stud Dog *

C.KC Reg.# 1140517 / A.K.C  Reg.#125765
View Argo Von Bogenheide pedigree

Check out Argo on the Stud Dogs link.

Gaucho Von Der Bogenheide ( GER )
 ADRK 125765 ZTP, Multi V1, BH, IPO 1
IPO 2 , IPO 3, HD Free,ED +/-, JLPP N/N
Check out Gaucho Von Der Bogenheide by clicking here

Carrera leon Of Neoplanta
WS60070101 DNA # V845202

View Argo Von Bogenheide pedigree


Gaucho Von Der Bogenheide
ADRK 125765 ( GER )


Carrera Leon Of Neoplanta
WS60070101 DNA#V845202

Argo Von Bogenheide


Cramatte Kennels proudly presents our new German Iine female Rottweiler

* German line Female *

C.KC Reg.# 1140516 / A.K.C  Reg.#WS60022306
View Ameila Von Schwaiger Wappen pedigree

Check out Ameila on the Females link.

Sire:  Kilo Von Golden Valley 
 ADRK # WS51588001 DNA # V839351
Multi V Rated, HD Free, ED- Free, JLPP Free
Check out Kilo Von Golden Valley by clicking here

Callie Vom Hause Scherau ( GER )
WS55558501 DNA # V815189
ADRK 127042
Check out Callie Vom Hause Scherau by clicking here

View Ameila Von Schwaiger Wappen pedigree


Kilo Von Golden Valley


Callie Vom Hause Scherau
(GER) WS55558501


Ameila Von Schwaiger
Wappen WS60022306


Gaucho Von der Bogenheide is a phenomenal working dog and has the conformation to also place in show rings.
( GER )
 ADRK 125765 ZTP, Multi V1, BH, IPO 1
IPO 2 , IPO 3, HD Free , ED +/-, JLPP N/N

View Gaucho's video's here  Link # 1  |  Link # 2

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