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Symptom Solver & Top 20 dog diseases  < Use this link for any of the problems I have not mentioned below or anything else you might be interested in learning about.You can also click on any of the 3 links below concerning English Bulldogs for alot of  very useful information.
Link # 1    |     Link # 2     |      Link # 3  Brachycephalic syndrome 

This is when the gland from the third eye lid protrudes in the corner of the eye. You will need to bring the dog to the Vet and have it removed or tacked. This is not a major surgery. If you have it removed, you have a  slightly greater chance of getting dry eye which will require the use of eye lubricant applied daily. Ask your Vet what they recommend you have done.

Clinical signs of coccidiosis usually are present or shortly following stress such as weather changes; weaning; overcrowding; long automobile or plane rides; relocation to a new home and new owners; and/or unsanitary conditions. Symptoms or signs of coccidiosis will depend on the state of the disease at the time of observation. In general, coccidiosis affects the intestinal tract and symptoms are associated with it. In mild cases, only a watery diarrhea may be present, and if blood is present in the feces, it is only in small amounts. Severely affected animals may have a thin, watery feces with considerable amounts of intestinal mucosa and blood. Straining usually is evident, rapid dehydration, weight loss and anorexia (off feed) also may be clinically visible. One of the most prevalent canine coccidia is S. tenella and during autopsies of dead animals appears as microscopic muscle cysts in the host animal. Oocysts in the feces of dogs are also microscopic in size and can only be positively identified through lab tests or direct observation under a microscope.Best to with hold food for 24 hours then give small bits of plain cooked rice and chicken and also chicken broth. If problem persists after 3 days and or if the dog or puppy is not drinking or eating at all consult your Veterinarian as this can be life threatening and is also contagious to other animals.

There are two forms of demodex mange: localized and generalized. Bulldogs might have an outbreak of demodex  mange due to puberty, stress or possible something they are allergic to in their environment or from the food they eat. Some bulldogs can also have a  lowered immune system and cannot fight off mites naturally.One thing that is helpful is called  ivermectin which is given 1cc a day for at least 30 days. It is always best to consult your own veterinarian.

The bulldog grows very fast and it is important that you keep play and exercise properly managed for the first 9 months, early joint damage could be permanent and may lead to irregular growth in the bones or lead to joint deformities or osteoarthritis. Keep your  puppy off of slippery floors ,laminate ,linoleum and  ice in the winter.

I feed "LAMB AND RICE" dog food from Costco but other brands of Lamb and Rice by "IAMS","NUTRO","EUKANUBA" & "PURINA" are a few other good ones. I find that it gives them a really nice shiny coat and they look very healthy .Also alot of English bulldogs have problems with chicken or beef protein dog foods such as skin problems.

All bulldogs have a elongated soft palate. This is because of the shape of their heads. In most cases this causes nothing more than snoring, but in severe cases, it can possibly cause difficulty in breathing. Heat and exercise will cause loud gurgle breathing (known as "roaring"). The severity can range from loud breathing when excited, to regurgitation of food to permanent breathing problems. The condition can be corrected with surgery.

This is where the eye lashes have turned inwards and rub against the eye. Sometimes it is only stray eye lashes that are growing the wrong way, which is called Distichiasis. These can be removed by the Vet. Entropian needs surgery. If not taken care of promptly, the lashes will eventually scratch the cornea and could severely damage the eye or, even worse, cause blindness.

 Revolution®, It Prevents heartworm disease, kills fleas and controls ear mites and deer tick infestation. Formulation is a topical liquid used monthly and is also water proof.

Advantage Multi is really good to use especially for English Bulldogs since some of them can get  demodex mange .It Prevents heartworm disease, kills fleas and controls ear mites and deer tick infestation. Formulation is a topical liquid used monthly and is also water proof.

Hip dysplasia is genetic but can be encouraged via environmental factors (slippery floors, jumping, etc.). This occurs when the ball and the socket of the hips do not fit properly. A high percentage of bulldogs have hips and legs that don't fit properly.

Some bulldogs have allergies to grass, carpet or possibly the food you are feeding them. Some dogs are allergic to corn or wheat in the food that they are being fed.


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Bulldogs don't like loud noises such as lawn mowers, four-wheelers etc. Always be careful with the lawn equipment if your dog is outside with you.

Bulldogs can become overheated. This breed is very intolerable of the heat. Dozens of dogs are lost each year to heat exhaustion .It's best to keep these dogs out  of the sun and away from heat .They cannot cool down like  other breeds because  of the way they are  built and having a  pushed in face and narrow breathing airway already makes it harder for them to breathe as it is. If your dog does become over heated it can become life threatening very fast. The best way to cool him/her down is with cool or temped water by either submersing in water up to his/her neck and or hosing him/her down. DO NOT use really cold or freezing water otherwise your dog/puppy can go into shock. You can also use rubbing alcohol and apply on his/her pads of their feet and down along the spine of their back. Also by using a  fan on your dog and have him /her lay on a cool floor like cement works as well.

Bulldogs need daily care of the face area in the deep folds .Wipe their faces and folds with a baby wipes  unscented with aloe vera and or with an unscented cloth. If needed, apply baby diaper rash medicine in-between the wrinkles if they get red or raw. Always keep in between the wrinkles dry. This is what is called "facial fold dermatitis".
If your dog develops a  hard crusty stuff in his/her nose what I found that works good is called "Bag Balm" and can be purchased from a horse/cattle feed and supply store.I apply it with a old tooth brush and by the next morning the hard crust turns soft and can be wiped off with a soft cloth or paper towel.If you can't find "Bag Balm" one other product I hear is good is called "Udder Balm" but I have not tried this one myself.

If your dog has white on his face around his eyes, over time you may find his face stained to red. This is caused by the the tears from the dog. This may be from the coloring in the dog's food he is eating or, in some cases, the dog will produce red tears. It will happen on dark-faced dogs also, but can be seen on white-faced dogs easier.

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Bulldogs & Rottweilers are very lucrative prey for thieves, never allow your dog outside unless on a lead or closely watched. When outside, keep a color with your name, address and phone number on the tag at all times. The vet's name and number is also a good idea. Also make sure that your dog is either micro chipped or tattooed for identification.

Bulldogs can't swim; at least 75% of their total weight is concentrated in their massive heads, shoulders and torso. A bulldog is seldom able to keep his large head and short nose above the water, even in depths as little as 2 feet. They do how ever love to play in the water.

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