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Evita Vom Bullenfeld
SchH I, BH
DOB: 12/12/2006
AKC: WS20106809
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Sire: Pasha Earl Antonius
HD+/-, ED+/-, CGC, 1b eye, 5.5cm, Multi V Rated
Dam: Emili vom Hause Porthun  
SchH I, BH

Evita is a Shutzhund 1 titled adult female that just completed her SchH trial with flying colors.She is a phenomenal working dog and has the conformation to also place in show rings.She is very correct with lots of drive and a masculine body type,that real German look plus the very important dark eyes and pigment. She is an adult female out of very famous Pasha Earl Antonius X Emili vom Hause Porthun.She is also a great grand daughter from Tinka vom Hause Anin BH,SchH 111,AD,Ztp,Gekort who is the best Shutzhund working dog in German history and leads the all time highest score in Schutzhund competition.Tinka won the Deutsche Meister Schaft with the highest score in the 47 years of the event with a outstanding score of 298!

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The phenomenal pedigree's behind each and every one of our German Rottweilers and the amazing genes they inherit ,from such names as:vom Konigsgarten,vom Obergrombacher Schloss,vom Hause Neubrand,vom Schwaiger Wappen,Earl Antonius,von Hause Anin,vom Flugschneise,vom Gruntenblick,vom Teufelsbrucke,vom Konigskanzel ,and many more.

Pictures were taken May 19. 2011

Video of Evita working on Schutzhund 1 title in Germany , click here

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